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Embroidery is many things - It is an hobbyist’s best friend, a decorator’s secret weapon, a quilter’s canvas, and the heart and soul of many businesses. Whatever embroidery is to you, it is always an art. Whether you are looking for a small, whisper-quiet machine or a high-speed workhorse, we offer the best Janome, Elna and Melco machines built to suit any need and any budget.

Today’s embroidery enthusiasts have so many options when it comes to machine embroidery! In years past, only commercial embroiderers had multi-needle machines, but no longer! Sewing has entered the 21st Century with its advanced yet user-friendly technology. 

...But which type of machine is right for me?

Janome MB-7 Embroidery Machine

Single Needle Embroidery Machines

Single-needle embroidery machines look like traditional sewing machine with their flat bed bottom and removable embroidery unit. These smart, user-friendly machines can be used for general sewing, creating decorative and utility stitches, or they to produce computerized machine embroidery.

There is only one head comprised of the needle, bobbin, and thread. When a single-needle machine embroiders, the needle remains stationary while the magic of the embroidery arm moves below it creating the digitized design. 

A single-needle embroidery machine has only one point of hoop attachment and often has smaller hoop capabilities than a multi-needle or multi-head machine. Most common hoop sizes are 4x4”, 5x7”, 6x10” and 8x12” and have embroidery speeds from an impressive 300-1000 stitches per minute!

Multi Needle Embroidery Machines

Going from a single-needle to a multi-needle machine raises the bar for embroidery hobbyists, crafters, and home-based entrepreneurs. This professional-quality home embroidery machine is the logical next step for anyone who loves to embroider and wants to have more fun exploring more advanced embroidering capabilities.​A multi-needle machine usually has 4 -12 needles. Each needle can hold its own thread color giving you four to ten color choices during embroidery without having to stop and change thread colors, as is necessary on a single-needle machine. Let’s say you are embroidering a “plop and drop” project requiring no appliqué, trimming, or special techniques. Your project may have only 10 colors but requires 12 color stops where colors are alternated within a sequence. Your 10-needle machine allows you to select your needle thread colors, hoop your fabric, push “start” and move out of the way while the machine accounts for the color changes without your effort! ​A multi-needle embroidery machine has two points of hoop attachment and larger hoop capabilities than a single-needle machine. Most common hoop sizes are 4x4”, 5x7”, 6x10”, 8x12”, 8x14” and 14x14” with embroidery speeds of 400 -1200 stitches per minute.

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