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The BRAVO 16 needle professional embroidery machine offers businesses of any size powerful embroidery capabilities at an affordable price. The BRAVO can embroider apparel, caps, bags, and a wide variety of textiles with beautiful quality. BRAVO produces professional embroidery your customers demand. Embroidered goods are in demand and the BRAVO is built to produce!


BRAVO comes bundled with powerful embroidery software that is easy to learn and use. DesignShop V10 is world class embroidery/digitizing software. Convert nearly any piece of artwork into a digital embroidery file with ease. It is also a robust editing tool, allowing users to modify and customize as needed.

You have individual needs. To help meet those needs, you can choose between DesignShop V10 Lite, DesignShop V10, or DesignShop V10 Pro+. The option to upgrade is always available as needs change over time.


DesignShop V10 Lite gives the beginning embroiderer basic lettering and editing capabilities. 


DesignShop V10 is a step above Lite. It comes with more digitizing capability, including the powerful Vector Option. The Vector Option helps users quickly create a digitized file ready for embroidery straight from a vector file.

More advanced users will probably choose DesignShop V10 Pro+ for it’s full scale lettering, editing, sizing and full digitizing capabilities.


New BRAVO Operating System

  • Easy design loading.
  • Registration of designs is easy with the laser alignment feature.
  • Simplified color sequence customization.
  • Thread tensions are automatically adjusted by BRAVO OS. This feature reduces thread breaks and simplifies machine operation.



Melco Amaya Bravo 16 Needle Package C

$14,999.00 Regular Price
$12,999.00Sale Price
    • Cart
    • 4 Hoop set (3.5”, 4.68”, 5.85”, 14.25” x 11.75”)
    • Cap Driver
    • 2 Hat Frames
    • Cap Gauge
    • Design Shop Pro+ Software
    • Dakota Quick Click Program
    • Action Illustrated 1000 Design Pack
    • Small Business Start Up Guide.(PDF file)
    • New Operating Software
    • Type/# of Heads

      • Upper Arm-Lower Arm/1 Modular

      # Needles

      • 16

      Maximum Tubular Frame Size (XxY)

      • 360mm x 300mm (14.2”x 11.8”)

      Maximum Sew Field/Tubular Frame (XxY)

      • 322mm x 267mm (12.7”x10.5”)

      WA Cap Frame

      • N/A

      Conventional Cap Frame

      152mm x 70mm (5.9”x 2.75”)

      Min/Max Sew Speed

      • 300-1000 spm

      Stitch Length Range

      • Only Limited by Hoop Size

      Machine Configuration

      • 1 individual machines, connected by Ethernet

      Self-Diagnostics Capability

      • Retrieves relevant machine data for troubleshooting

      Simplified User Interface

      • Step by Step Guide Software

      Design Memory

      • Limited only by hard drive, Max file size 500k

      Pre-Sew Trace

      • Laser

      Needle to Garment, Garment to Hoop Position

      • Laser Positioning System

      Thread Feed Technology

      • Patented Acti-Feed

      Thread Break Detection

      • Upper & Lower Electronic Force Gauge Sensor

      Automatic Stitch Backup

      • Yes

      Automatic Trimmer

      • Yes

      Lighting Type Cold Bright

      • Cold bright LED

      Power Supply (V)

      • 90-260V (Single Phase, 50/60 HZ, 4A), Class I (Grounded)

      Power Consumption (W)

      • Typical: 200 Watts Max: 650 Watts

      Temperature Range

      • 15-40° C


      • Max 85% Relative Humidity

      Installation Category (overvoltage)

      • II

      Pollution Degree

      • 2

      Motor Type(s)

      • Servo, Stepping

      Motor Capacity (kV)

      • X and Z: 100 Watts Y: 250 Watts

      Machine Construction Material

      • Aluminum



      Physical Specifications with Cart


      • Width 724mm (28.5”)


      • 1541mm (60.7”)


      • 944mm (37.2”)


      • 95.4kg (210.3 lbs)



      Physical Specifications without Cart


      • 724mm (28.5”)


      • 907mm (35.7”)


      • 737mm (29.0”)


      • 75kg (165lbs)

In-Store, Curbside Pick-Up

or Home Delivery

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