Made in Italy


Finally the absence of the cable allows to move freely and to double the productivity.


  • Karisma can be equipped with an M30 and 36V electronic scrubber (optional) for thorough cleaning of all types of carpets and rugs.


By installing a DCS conveyor supplied, the M30e brush cleaner is transformed for dry cleaning with microspugne of carpets and rugs. At the same time, mattresses can be sanitized using a soft roller (optional mattress kit) which, thanks to its 4000 rpm, creates a vibration on the mattress that combined with brushing and suction ensures a deep cleaning.


  • Thanks to the new digital brushless motor, we were able to reduce consumption by around 50% for the same performance compared to brushed motors.


thus allowing to reach 60 minutes of continuous work.

Karisma has practical and useful accessories on board:


  • Stretch tube 1-4 with revolving sleeve and handle
  • Rotating brush
  • Telescopic lance


Perfect 360 ° suction thanks to the patented M29R brush with self-cleaning central bristles.

For delicate floors, a felt base (optional) can be applied to the brush.

Lindhaus Karisma L-Ion Digital Pro

  • Ideal for mixed environments: floors, carpets 

    • Light, silent, easy to handle
    • Rotafil digital motor
    • 36V-6Ah lithium ion battery
    • 3 speeds
    • Accessories on board
    • Patented universal brush for floors and carpets
    • M30e electronic brush (optional)
    • Integrated dry cleaning function

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