Very versatile, it goes from rugs to hard floors such as ceramic, marble and wood thanks to a series of roller covers (optional).


Maximum maneuvrability and low profile for easy access under furniture!


The patented M29R Lindhaus universal nozzle with 4 wheels and all around suction can be equipped with a felt plate (optional) to vacuum and polish delicate floors.


With a backpack kit (optional), the machine turns into a lightweight backpack vacuum cleaner for cinemas, theatres, trains, etc.

Lindhaus F5

    • Design, technology and construction 100% made in Italy
    • Telescopic handle for maximum comfort
    • Light, quite and very easy to handle

    • Patented universal brush for floors and carpets

    • Blower (optional)

    • Special patented nozzle M29R

    • Felt base (optional)

    • High efficiency Rotafil vacuum motor 700W

    • Light and manoeuvrable

    • The dirt comes from the top by falling and fills up the filter bag completely

    • Full set of accessories (optional)

    • Electronic power nozzle (optional) turns it to a carpet cleaner, shampooer and dry cleaning system

    • Back pack vacuum cleaner (optional)

    • 5-stage filtration (standard)

    • 7 stage Hepa filtration (optional)

    • Quick release connections

    • Available with 12" and 14" electronic power nozzles (optional)

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