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Lindhaus is the #1 Vacuum Cleaner and Floor Scrubber in Hospitals and the Healthcare Industry. It's the only vacuum company to employ self-disinfecting properties on both their vacuum surfaces as well as the internal dust bag.  Not only do they clean, but they also shampoo and disinfects carpets, for the ultimate in combating germs and viruses.


Very versatile, it goes from rugs to hard floors such as ceramic, marble and wood thanks to a series of roller covers (optional).


Maximum maneuvrability and low profile for easy access under furniture!


The patented M29R Lindhaus universal nozzle with 4 wheels and all around suction can be equipped with a felt plate (optional) to vacuum and polish delicate floors.


With a backpack kit (optional), the machine turns into a lightweight backpack vacuum cleaner for cinemas, theatres, trains, etc.

Lindhaus F5

    • Design, technology and construction 100% made in Italy
    • Telescopic handle for maximum comfort
    • Light, quite and very easy to handle

    • Patented universal brush for floors and carpets

    • Blower (optional)

    • Special patented nozzle M29R

    • Felt base (optional)

    • High efficiency Rotafil vacuum motor 700W

    • Light and manoeuvrable

    • The dirt comes from the top by falling and fills up the filter bag completely

    • Full set of accessories (optional)

    • Electronic power nozzle (optional) turns it to a carpet cleaner, shampooer and dry cleaning system

    • Back pack vacuum cleaner (optional)

    • 5-stage filtration (standard)

    • 7 stage Hepa filtration (optional)

    • Quick release connections

    • Available with 12" and 14" electronic power nozzles (optional)

In-Store, Curbside Pick-Up

or Home Delivery

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