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Unleash Your Quilting Creativity with the Cutting-Edge INNOVA M28 Longarm


Immerse yourself in a world of quilting possibilities with the revolutionary INNOVA M28 Longarm. This sleek, meticulously engineered machine boasts a powerful 28-inch throat and fiery red aluminum side panels that turn heads and inspire.


Effortlessly navigate complex patterns with the intuitive, 64-bit M Series software, featuring a user-friendly interface and larger buttons for seamless control. The streamlined layout and horizontal orientation make every interaction with the machine a breeze.


Experience lightning-fast setup with the pre-integrated hardware components. Simply connect the provided hardware and activate the software using your personal serial number for quilt-ready performance in no time.


Automate your quilting journey with the remarkable AutoPilot Mach3 system. This digital powerhouse features pre-set patterns and our innovative Perfect Corner Technology, ensuring precise 90-degree angles every time.


Expand your creative horizons with the Grand Format Embroidery component. This hoop-free system transforms the AutoPilot Mach3 into a versatile embroidery machine, opening doors for unique artistic expression.


Effortlessly create stunning hand-guided patterns with the exceptional PantoVision T2 software. This digital pantograph system simplifies the process, allowing you to achieve intricate designs with ease.


Unlock professional-grade stitching with the game-changing Lightning Stitch Regulator. This advanced technology synchronizes machine speed with your movements for flawless stitch consistency, even in challenging curves and corners.


Enjoy unmatched flexibility with adjustable stitch settings ranging from 2 to 22 stitches per inch. The intelligent speed control automatically adjusts in regulated mode, ensuring smooth, flawless stitch quality regardless of your quilting pace.


Cruise through long, straight lines with the convenient cruise mode, or secure fabric layers effortlessly with the basting mode. The Lightning Stitch Regulator empowers you to quilt with confidence and control.


Experience unmatched convenience with the patented swivel sew head, an exclusive INNOVA feature. This innovative design allows for swift maneuvering, making accessory changes, foot replacements, and maintenance a breeze.


Focus on your quilting passion, not setup hassles. The swivel sew head streamlines every process, ensuring you can spend more time creating and less time struggling.


The INNOVA M28 Longarm is more than just a machine; it's your creative partner. With its cutting-edge features, intuitive design, and unparalleled performance, it empowers you to bring your quilting visions to life.


Don't settle for ordinary. Unleash your quilting potential with the extraordinary INNOVA M28.

INNOVA M28 Longarm Quilting Machine

    • M Class Bobbin for Less Bobbin Changes
    • Front Power Switch
    • 3.5" Industrial Touch Panel
    • 3,000 Stitches per minute
    • Adjustable Height Hopping Foot
    • Integrated LED Lighting w/ Black Light, Dim & Lighting Modes
    • Pro-Glider compisite wheels for effortless control
    • Lightning Speed Stitch Regulation 
      • 2 - 22 Stitches Per Inch
      • Basting Mode
    • Includes Bobbin Winder
    • Acrylic Ruler Base w/ Latches
    • Integrated Needle Lazer Light
    • Operator Kit
    • Platinum 10 Year Warranty

In-Store, Curbside Pick-Up

or Home Delivery

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