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Featureing a 20 inch throat and gorgious deep purple aluminium side panels, the M20 has been meticulously engineered with a sleek design in mind, featuring an internal wiring system that enhances its aesthetic appeal. One standout feature is its 64-Bit software, which offers enhanced processing power to effortlessly handle a wide array of tasks, including initiating new patterns. As a result, you can expect faster software performance and fewer frustrations. The updated M software introduces larger buttons, revised layouts, and a user-friendly horizontal orientation, optimizing your interaction with the machine.


Launching the M Series software is a breeze since most of the hardware components are already integrated into the machine. For a swift installation process, simply connect the provided hardware and activate the software using the personal serial number provided upon purchase.

AutoPilot Mach3 is a remarkable digital system that greatly enhances efficiency and productivity by automating the quilting process with pre-set patterns. This means the machine can quilt on your behalf, saving you valuable time. Notably, the software incorporates our innovative Perfect Corner Technology, ensuring precise 90-degree angles in your quilting projects every time.

By integrating the Grand Format Embroidery component, the INNOVA AutoPilot Mach3 system transforms into a hoop-free embroidery system, opening up new possibilities for creative expression.


PantoVision T2 is an exceptional software solution that empowers you to effortlessly create hand-guided patterns. This digital pantograph system simplifies the process, allowing you to achieve remarkable designs with ease.


Every INNOVA longarm quilting machine comes equipped with our advanced Lightning Stitch Regulator, a game-changing feature for achieving precise stitch control. This innovative regulator effectively manages machine speed, synchronizing it with the operator's movements to ensure consistent stitches per inch, even in corners, turns, and tight radii. Seamlessly integrated with the machine's PLC operator interface, the Lightning Stitch Regulator offers full programmability, granting you complete control over your quilting experience.


With adjustable stitch settings ranging from 2 to 22 stitches per inch, you have the flexibility to customize your quilting projects according to your desired density. In regulated mode, the machine intelligently adjusts its speed, automatically accelerating and decelerating to match your quilting operator's motions, resulting in smooth and flawless stitch quality.


Among the array of functionalities offered, the Lightning Stitch Regulator includes convenient cruise and basting modes. The cruise mode maintains a consistent stitching speed, allowing you to effortlessly quilt long, straight lines. On the other hand, the basting mode enables you to easily secure layers of fabric together temporarily, facilitating precise quilting without compromising flexibility.


With the Lightning Stitch Regulator as your ally, you can achieve professional-grade stitching, enjoy enhanced control, and unlock a new level of creativity in your quilting endeavors.


Exclusively designed for INNOVA quilting machines, the patented swivel sew head stands as a remarkable and distinct feature. This exceptional addition is included with every INNOVA machine, providing unmatched convenience for various tasks such as incorporating innovative accessories, changing feet, replacing broken needles, and performing routine maintenance.


The swivel sew head simplifies these operations, allowing for swift and effortless execution. By effortlessly maneuvering the sew head, you can conveniently access the necessary components, saving you valuable time and effort. Whether you need to attach specialized accessories to enhance your quilting experience or perform routine maintenance tasks to keep your machine in optimal condition, the swivel sew head streamlines the entire process.


With this exclusive feature, INNOVA quilting machines offer unparalleled accessibility, ensuring that you can focus more on your quilting projects and less on cumbersome setup and maintenance procedures.

INNOVA M20 Longarm Quilting Machine

    • M Class Bobbin for Less Bobbin Changes
    • Front Power Switch
    • 3.5" Industrial Touch Panel
    • 3,000 Stitches per minute
    • Adjustable Height Hopping Foot
    • Integrated LED Lighting w/ Black Light, Dim & Lighting Modes
    • Pro-Glider compisite wheels for effortless control
    • Lightning Speed Stitch Regulation 
      • 2 - 22 Stitches Per Inch
      • Basting Mode
    • Includes Bobbin Winder
    • Acrylic Ruler Base w/ Latches
    • Integrated Needle Lazer Light
    • Operator Kit
    • Platinum 10 Year Warranty

In-Store, Curbside Pick-Up

or Home Delivery

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